Wed Dec. 6th: Six Month State of the Chapter Report:

It has been a ver busy and successful 3rd and 4th quarter. The chapter hosted 9 events consisting of 14 days of event attendance opportunities. We also participated in 5 additional events hosted by other organizations, totaling 19 events. These events were scheduled on weekends as well as weekdays and at various times. There were also events available as (optional) giving all members a fair amount of participation opportunities. I am very happy with the chapters successes thus far and of course look forward to beginning the new year on such a high note. Although normally Jan and Feb are prettys low months we will take advantage and work dilligently on planning for 2018. Please consider your involvement in committees, we still have several that are vacant. Remember We will begin to collect dues during January and not later than February's meetings. If you are unable to attend these meetings, please contact Rich (President) or Dick (COB). I ask all members to consider your level of participation, we need everyone to participate as often as possible. Thanks for all of your support and your continued commitement to the chapter and the cause for which we stand.


Sun Nov. 26th 2017: To all Members

It's been about 4 month since I accepted the office as president of the chapter. I am very pleased with the progress we have made thus far. The transition seemed flawless. We have added  Marketing and Events to our list of ongoing committees. The education and POW-MIA Flag programs continue to be active and are aggressive in promoting our cause. The members have displayed pride and honor to our cause and represent the chapter well. We have been aggressive in planning and executing events and fun raising activities, and I do appologize if it appeared a bit overwhelming the last few months. With a very busy Veterans day week and other year end events I called upon you, and you  answered the call. We will begin working on long term planning as well as maintaining our presence within the community and fulfilling upcoming comitements. We will also look to fill the necessary vacant positions important to day to day business.

I am very proud of the chapter, especially to the members who participated in special planning meetings and othe internal activities in helping with the transition. And to all who participated in the events during this period. Thank you for your support and for all you do for the chapter. Your cooperation and enthusiasm is greately appreciated and is a testiment to your commitement to the organization and more importantly, those we serve. I am excited as we move toward. I am honored, and I am looking forward to continuous success. (Rich)