OUR MISSION - To educate the public of the fact that many American Prisoners Of War were left behind after all past wars. To help correct the past and to protect future veterans ffrom being left behind should they become Prisoners Of War -Missing In Action (POW-MIA). We are also committed to helping All American Veterans.


Thank you for considering membership in Rolling Thunder Inc. Florida Chapter 8. Meetings are held on the 1st. Tuesday of each month at the VFW John E. Mealy memorial Post 3282. It is located at 5810 South Williamson Blvd. in Port Orange. We rely solely on volunteers to successfully meet our mission. If you are able to give of your time, attend meetings and events, we will be pleased to consider your application for membership. We are NOT a motorcycle club, you do NOT have to ride or own a motorcycle to be a member. You do however, have to believe in the cause for which we stand, as written in our Mission Statement.


Membership in Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is open to anyone with an interest in the educating the public regarding the Prisoner of War-Missing In Action (POW-MIA) issue and Helping veterans of all wars. All persons must be 18 years of age or older. We also offer a “Junior Membership” program for those 12 and older.


Every member must abide by the Rolling Thunder® Inc. Constitution and applicable by-laws. (See sid-bar link 03). New members  must attend 3 meetings or sanctioned events, or a combination thereof, during the120 day trial period to become a full member. Thereafter, members are required to attend 3 meetings, 3 events and an additional 3 meeting or events to remain a member in good standiing. 

 Membership Patches

All members will receive a Rolling Thunder®, Inc. membership “Chapter Boot” patch when they become a full member at the end of a 120 – day trial period. During the 120–day trial period, a member must meet the requirements stated above and must be loyal, courteous and respectful to others. Offensive or conduct unbecoming to others will not be acceptable. One year after you receive your chapter boot patch  you become eligible to receive the Eagle & Rocker back patch. (Effective 10/01/01) Note: you must meet the member in good standing requirements.

 Member In Good Standing

To be a member in good standing one must attend no less than 3 meetings and 3 events per year, If attending meetings or events because of work conflicts or family responsibilities, special conditions may apply however they must be approved by the Executive Board. Special Note: As per a RT FL-8 by-law, adopted by motion and approval by the membership on 1 March 2011, three (3) additional attendances have been added to the original requirement as written in the RT Constitution and therefore reads as follows: One must attend 3 meetings and 3 events and 3 additional attendances of any combination of either meetings or events).

Military And Veteran Members

Any Rolling Thunder® member who is a United States Military Veteran and plans to display any military patches, insignias medals etc. on their vest (Rolling Thunder® vest) must provide a copy of their DD214 (notice of separation). The DD-214 will be kept on file with the Chapter for the duration of their membership. Displaying of any military patches, insignias etc. without DD214 on file will not be acceptable.

 Membership Applications

Applications are available and accepted at membership meetings only.
(Be sure to complete all requested information on both sides.)
A copy of DD214 is required for active, former or retired Military, if you desire to display military patches ribbons or awards on your vest. Applications must be “notarized”. Note: a Notary Public is usually available at the membership meetings to provide that service at no cost to the applicant. Membership dues are $30.00 per year, paid by check, money order or cash at the time of joining, thereafter dues are due in February of each year.

This organization relies solely on volunteers to achieve its mission. If you are able to volunteer your time and attend meetings and events, we will be pleased to review your application for membership.

 We thank you for considering membership in Rolling Thunder®, Inc