June 2015 Announcement - Newly Formed (DPAA) The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, is Headed By Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Linnington, director of



The Defense POWMIA Accounting Agency


The U.S. Department of Defense


National League of Families of American Prisoners Of War & Missing In Action Southeast Asia

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) was established on January 30, 2015 to more effectively increase the number of missing service personnel accounted for from past conflicts and ensure timely and accurate information is communicated to their families.

This agency brings together the former Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO), the Joint Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC), and the Life Sciences Equipment Laboratory (LSEL). Consolidating the Department’s personnel accounting assets will lead to better oversight of family resources and services, research, and operations. The agency will enable the workforce to achieve the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel, better anticipate family needs, and adapt to changes in the DoD and the United States Government. The agency will also honor our veterans’ sacrifices and confirm an obligation made to those serving our country.

As was JPAC, the DPAA continues the responsibility to conduct search, recovery, and laboratory operations to identify unaccounted-for Americans from past conflicts in order to support the Department of Defense’s personnel accounting efforts.

 The commancd lab remains located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and employees more than 400 joint military and civilian personnel. The Command will continue its search for the more than 83,000 Americans still missing from past conflicts. The laboratory referred to as the Central Identification Laboratory, is the largest and most diverse forensic skeletal laboratory in the world.

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