Our main mission as chartered, is to promote the education and public awareness of the POW-MIA issue. Our education program is designed to help do just that. It consists of several key elements: Conducting group on site educational seminars. An educational scholarship and general awards program, Hosting educational booths at public community events and other gatherings and more formally; the use of public press releases, TV and other media for the purpose of educating the public.


CURRICULUM: The program's curriculum is flexible to accommodate various age groups, grade levels and or specific interest groups. Generally the topics include but not limited to:

  • Raising awareness and the education of the POW/MIA issue.
  • Information/updates on those presently POW/MIA.
  • Provide status updates on search and recovery efforts. (JPAC)
  • The Acknowledgement of veterans of all was.
  • Assisting veterans, active military and their families as needed.
  • Support those presently fighting for our freedom.
  • The Promotion of American patriotism.
  • Community Activities support and citizenship

 SCHOLARSHIPS: As part of our Education program we also offer awards (Certificates) to students for their participation in our program. The program is intended to increase the awareness of the POW/MIA issue and the honor of Veterans in young Americans. We offer three Scholarships:

  • A $250 scholarships to a graduating Jr. ROTC senior attending Mainland High School.
  • A $250 and a $500 scholarship to a graduation senior from any High School in Volusia County.

 For more information about the Scholarships click on "Scholarship Awards" on the menue Side-Bar #14 or contact: Rich Malfitano Education Program Director at: (917) 660-7463 or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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