Every member gives of their time because they believe in our cause. No salary, monitary or other compensation is received for the positions we hold or the work we and the members do for the organization.

(Updated Jan. 3, 2018)




Bill Bennett



All members of the Executive Board as well as the general membership, give of their time because they believe in the cause for which we stand. They perform their duties in the best interest of the cooperation with the upmost integrity, keeping with the mission of Rolling Thunder® Inc. Below describes the responsibility of the Officers and the Board of Directors as identified in the Rolling Thunder® Inc. National Constitutionas revised 11/3/11.


The Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are responsible for the general supervision and day to day operations and affairs of the chapter. The officers shall have full authority over the day to day operations of the chapter, except in matters that in which the officers believe should be refured to the Board of Directors. They will peerform their duties in the best interest of of the chapter in compliance with the Rolling Thunder® Inc. Constitution.


The Board of Directors: Chairman, Directors and alternates make executive decissions on the chapters commitment of resources,  (financial & manpower) as well as other responsibilities assigned to them by the Officers, and shall be done so in the best interest of the organization.